Enhancements for maintenance, technology, and planning requests

We’re happy to share four new enhancements for the work request modules (maintenance, technology, and planning requests) in FMX.

Assigning work requests upon creation

You no longer have to take an extra step to assign a work request to a user after the request is created. If you have the appropriate permissions, you can now assign a work request to another user during the request submission process. Check it out in this video:


Making the location field hidden, optional, or required

We've learned that some customers want the location field in the work request form to be optional. So, we've given you the flexibility to make that field optional, required, or completely hidden. Watch this video to learn how to do it:


Learn more about locations in our Learning Center.

Adding custom fields for work request resolution

Wish you could create a custom field to capture additional information when a work request is resolved? Now you can! Learn how to do it in this video:


Tracking a user's labor hours when resolving a work request

We're excited to reveal this enhancement which has been a popular feature request from many customers! Watch this video to see how a user can log their labor hours when they resolve a work request:


Learn more about work requests in our Learning Center.

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