1. Contact your Account Manager, CSM or Support to turn this enhancement on for your organization.

2. Navigate to the Admin Settings > General > Schedule Request Settings or each building's details to add your period names and times! 


3. If there are certain user types you’d like to default to period-based scheduling when making a Schedule request (these users will still be able to make non-period-based requests), make sure to select the “Default to period-based” check box under the user type’s Schedule Request access. Note: The “Schedule by periods” check box will still appear on the “New Schedule Request” form for user types that do not have “Default to period-based” selected. To find this permission please Navigate to Admin Settings > User Types > Edit (whichever user type needs adjusted) > Schedule Request Access > Default to period-based

4. Scroll to the bottom and click the "Save" button.

5. Now, when you’re making a schedule request, you will be able to select the “Schedule by periods” check box and then select the desired period.

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