Configurable work request modules, canceling schedule requests, and associating equipment and inventory Items

The FMX team is happy to share three new enhancements with you this week. Were any of these updates on your holiday wishlist?

Configurable work request modules

We think the FMX work request modules (maintenance, technology, and planning requests) are pretty awesome. But, we've learned that they aren't quite flexible enough for everyone. So, instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, we've made it possible to add new configurable work request modules to your FMX site with our help. Need a module for key requests? Done! Want a module for warehouse requests? Piece of cake! Here’s Pat, one of our account executives, with the lowdown:


Email to request a new work request module for your FMX site. We'll create the new module for you and make sure that it's customized to meet your needs. (Note: Fees may apply)

Learn more about work requests in our Learning Center.

Canceling schedule requests

You can now cancel a schedule request, rather than deleting it, to let other people know that your event is canceled and free up the resource to be scheduled by someone else. Here’s Josh, one of our account executives, to introduce this new action for schedule requests:


We'll also be extending this enhancement very soon to give you the option to cancel and reschedule an event, stay tuned!

Learn more about schedule requests in our Learning Center.

Associating equipment and inventory items

You know that sinking feeling you get when you've worked hard to assemble a new piece of furniture and discover that you have miscellaneous, leftover spare parts and no idea where they belong? Well, we might not be able to help you reassemble your furniture, but now you can associate your equipment and inventory items in FMX. Mike, one of our account executives, has the scoop on this new enhancement:


Learn how to add equipment and inventory to your site.

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