FMX Just Got Faster!

Here at FMX, our development team is always keeping a critical eye on software performance to make sure that our customers can log in to FMX, do what they need to do, and get on with their busy lives in a timely manner.

The challenge

Believe it or not, one of our customers had approximately 3,800 events on their FMX calendar for the month of September! As the activity level on their FMX site increased, so did the webpage loading times. Our development team saw this as an opportunity to improve the performance of FMX for all of our customers and reacted quickly by upgrading our database and web server hardware.

The solution

FMX web server response time

This graph compares the average FMX webpage loading times with our old hardware (to the left of the vertical red line) and with our new hardware (to the right of the vertical red line).

Since updating our hardware earlier this week, we've observed a 35% performance improvement across all FMX customer sites!

Now that FMX is faster, what will you do with the extra time on your hands? Why not have a nice lunch with some of your colleagues (and your dog, of course)?

FMX Lunch

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