Cancel Entire Schedule Request

1. Navigate to the request you wish to cancel from the Calendar view or the Schedule Request view

2. Click the cancel button

3. Enter the reason the event is being cancelled and check the "Reschedule" button and click "Cancel entire request".


4. This will immediately bring up a new schedule request for you to fill out the updated event details. Click the “Submit” button.



Cancel Schedule Request Occurrence

If you need to cancel one occurrence to adjust the location or details of the event please see below. Please note, you are able to adjust the time and date of a single occurrence but not the location at this time. 

1. Navigate to the occurrence you wish to cancel and reschedule either from the calendar view or from the Schedule Request Occurrence tab. 

2. Click the Cancel Button 

3. Enter the reason for the cancellation and click "Cancel Event" then "cancel this occurrence"

4. Click the three dots on the right side then click Copy

5. Please make the adjustments for this request and click submit! 

Email Notifications

 If you'd like to receive notifications of cancelled and rescheduled requests, make sure the "Someone Updates" permission under the "Schedule Request Notifications" user type settings is set to "Accessible Buildings" or "Any." Additionally, make sure you’ve subscribed to the “Is updated” and “Is cancelled” email preferences in your user profile settings. To find this please navigate to Admin Settings > User Types > Edit (your user type or what user type needs updated) > Schedule Request Notifications.

You will want this notification under All Schedule Request Notification. The different between My and All is My is any request you have created, are following or are assigned to. While Any is any schedule request regardless of if you have created it, are assigned to it or are following it.  




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