1. Find the schedule request that needs to be cancelled or rescheduled and click the “Cancel” button in the upper right-hand option menu on the request's details page.


2. Enter the reason the event is being cancelled and click the red "Cancel this request" button. You will be able to reschedule this event by clicking "More" in the upper right corner, and then by clicking "Reschedule".



3. Fill out the updated event details and click the green “Save” button.


4. If you'd like to receive notifications of cancelled and rescheduled requests, make sure the "Someone Updates" permission under the "Schedule Request Notifications" user type settings is set to "Accessible Buildings" or "Any." Additionally, make sure you’ve subscribed to the “Is updated” and “Is cancelled” email preferences in your user profile settings.



For a more in-depth look at how to reset your password, watch this short tutorial video!

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