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Cost vs Operations Dashboards

Cost Dashboards

The cost dashboard analyzes the costs associated with buildings, request status, and by month.

The top dashboard cards feature cost totals in regard to labor, inventory, and miscellaneous costs.

The center dashboard cards provide a breakdown of costs according to associated buildings, and status of the underlying request or PM task.

The final dashboard card displays costs of completed requests over time (in the graph below it is organized by month).

Operations Dashboards

The operations dashboard provides an overview relating to the number of requests, request locations (by building), and request status.

The top dashboard cards look specifically at the number of requests per location and provide a snapshot of the current status of requests.

The central dashboard card compares the status of requests on a monthly basis to highlight operational trends.

The final dashboard card displays all of the requests in a tabular format which may be filtered by using the interactive features in the above cards. To view a specific request click on the blue hyperlinked title of the request you wish to view.

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