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FMX Requester Transportation Request Guide


Login to FMX

Step 1: Open an internet browser and navigate to (

Step 2: Log in with the following credentials:

  • Email

  • Password


Create a Transportation Request

Step 1: Click Transportation Requests in the left sidebar, then click New request.

Step 2: Enter the required fields (marked with an asterisk) and click Save to submit the transportation request.


Step 3: Check your email for your request confirmation and a link to check the status of your request. New requests will either be finalized or move on to a “Pending” state if they will be approved.  


Edit a Transportation Request

Step 1: Find the transportation request you wish to edit (on the calendar or in the transportation requests grid), then click Details (from the grid) or click More info and then Details (from the calendar, see picture below).

Step 2: After making the necessary editing changes click Save.



Respond to a Transportation Request

Step 1: Find the transportation request you wish to respond to (on the calendar or in the transportation requests grid), then click Respond.

Step 2: Enter a response (see picture below).



Step 3: Click Respond to send your response. This will generate an email notification to all users involved with the request.


Filter Transportation Requests in Calendar View

Step 1: Click the Filter button above the calendar view (see picture below)


Step 2: Select the filter you would like (see picture below)


 NOTE: You may choose more than one filter at a time


Remove Filters

If you're having trouble locating certain requests, events, or other information on your FMX calendar or in your FMX grids it could be because you have a filter selected that is hiding the information you're looking for. 

You can see the filters that have been applied by looking underneath the Filter and Search bar:



Remove All Filters

To quickly remove all of the filters that are currently selected, click on the "x" attached to the filter button:


Another way to remove filters is to click on the "Filter" button and choose "Clear Filter" at the bottom of the page:


Remove a Single Filter

To remove filters one at a time, click on the "x" button next to the filter(s) you would like to remove:



NOTE: To customize your own training document for your organization, download the FMX Technician and Vendor Planned Maintenance Training Guide below! 

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