We’ve been working hard on some new enhancements to give you more flexibility for attaching files, arranging the order of custom fields, and viewing grid pages on your FMX site.

Create attachment custom fields

Chances are, you’ve got a lot of important files related to various processes that you would love to keep track of in FMX. Now, you can add an attachment custom field to your FMX site so you can upload files that are relevant to certain types of equipment, inventory, requests, or users. Here’s Katie, one of our account executives, and her pup Emmy with the lowdown:

Arrange the order of your custom fields

There’s nothing better than a tidy FMX request form that flows in a logical manner from top to bottom. Ok, maybe an ice cream sundae is slightly better than an organized request form, but not by much! Anyway, here’s Brandi from our customer success team to introduce the new options for arranging the display order of your custom fields:

Switch between grid pages quickly and easily

Cycling through grid pages one at a time used to be a tedious experience in FMX. Nobody has time for that! Now, we’ve made it as easy as flipping through pages in a book. Here’s Josh, one of our account executives, to introduce our new grid paging enhancements:

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