Create a New Associated Work Order from a Work Order

Users can now create a new work request directly from another work order. These request are automatically associated together.

How it works?

Users who have the ability to create a work order from a work order will see a "plus sign" icon that they can select to create a new "associated request".  Either go to the work request grid view(Maintenance Request, Technology Requests or a Custom Feature) or the calendar to find the request you would like to create the work order from. 


Then click the new associated request button. Then you can select what work order it will be(if multiple modules are enabled) When on the grid view a new popup will appear in the grid for you to fill out.  These requests will be associated together and a link will appear back to each other on the requests. 







To enable this feature first go to the "Admin Settings". Once in the general settings go to the work request feature setting you would like this on for (Maintenance Request, Technology Requests or a Custom Feature) and add the module work request module you would like to associate with in the "Request Associations" dropdown field.  This can be the same module or another work request module.



Once you have done this in the General section of the admin settings, go to the "User Type" section. Then select the edit button of the user type you would like to enable this for. In the first section named "User Type" you will see "View request associations" and "Associate requests."  Each of these need to be changed from none to either "Any" (all requests), "Accessible Buildings" (only your accessible buildings) or "Own"(only requests you have submitted). 



Once this has been done as long as the user type has permission to create a request for the feature you can make associated requests from a request. 


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