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How is FMX implemented for new customers?

Our Customer Success Team makes the implementation process quick and easy so that your site will be up and running within about two weeks! Here are the steps involved:

Meeting 1: FMX Kick-Off

    • Meet with your Customer Success Manager for introductions
    • Review project goals and objectives for your organization’s FMX site
    • Receive an overview of the implementation process
    • Coordinate the next steps of site configuration, data imports, and training with the FMX implementation team
    • Set a launch date for your FMX site

Meeting 2: Data Review & Pre-Site Configuration (By Module)

Meeting 3: Site Review (By Module)

    • Your Customer Success Manager will confirm the setup of your site with you, and show you each user type's perspective (e.g. requester, technician, principal)

Meeting 4: Initial Admin Training

    • Your Customer Success Manager will provide detailed training to all Administrative users via a remote online meeting.
    • Schedule additional training for maintenance techs, supervisors, etc. if desired
    • Custom training guides are also available for your organization’s staff, end users, and vendors

Your FMX Site Goes Live! (Week 2)

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