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Responding to Maintenance, Technology, or Custom Work Requests

Watch our video to learn how to respond to a maintenance, technology or custom work request on your site:

Follow the steps below to respond to a maintenance, technology or custom work request in FMX: 

1. Find the request you wish to respond to (on the calendar or in the requests grid accessed via the left sidebar), double click on the request to open it, then click Respond.


2. Enter a response.

*Fun fact: If you would like to mention another user in your response, type the @ symbol and then select their name from the list that pops up:


Mentioned users will automatically be added as request followers after you save your response. They will also receive a notification stating that you mentioned them in your response.

3. If necessary, add any cost, worker time, or inventory used for this request:


4. Select "Make private" if you want this response to only be seen by certain user types:


5. Click Respond to send your response:


Click here to learn how to set up response via email for your organization. 

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