Follow the steps below to estimate, invoice and apply a payment to a schedule request in FMX. 

Estimate a Schedule Request

1. Find the schedule request you wish to estimate (on the calendar or in the schedule requests grid), then click Estimate. Please note, the request must be in the status Pending Estimate to estimate the request. 

2. You can then enter multiple line item descriptions, their quantity, and their rate. These will then populate automatically in the line total. Additionally, there is an "other amount" and description text area of what the estimate includes. The estimate will show you what each occurrence will cost and the grand total. 

3. Click Estimate to send your estimate. This will generate an email notification to the requesting user asking them to confirm the estimate. If you do not want to have the user "accept" the estimate, please uncheck the "Acceptance" checkbox. 

4. Click Estimate & Email to send your estimate to a separate email from the requester. This will allow you to edit and add email addresses in the "To," "CC," and "BCC" lines, including the subject and body of the email itself. To make changes, click in the box you'd like to edit. Then click "Email" to send the email. 

5. If the requesting user accepts the estimate, they will receive an automatic invoice for the full amount, when sent by the Administrator. You will also receive a confirmation email. If the requesting user declines the estimate, the request will be canceled.


Invoice a Schedule Request

1. Find the schedule request you wish to invoice (on the calendar or in the schedule requests grid view), then click Invoice. (Please note that the invoice action only appears once a request has been estimated and the estimate has been accepted by the requesting user. The request must be in the status "Pending Invoice".)

2. Select the occurrences you wish to invoice. Please note, if you do not select all of the occurrences the request will stay in the status "Pending Invoice". If you wish to invoice some occurrences now and the rest later, you will have the ability to invoice the remaining occurrences later. Select a due date for the invoice. 

3. Review the line items and make adjustments as needed.

4. Click Save

5. To send an email to the user click Email. Similar to sending the estimate, you can change the email address or cc other email addresses if needed. Click Email to send the email.


Apply a Payment to a Schedule Request

1. Find the invoice you wish to apply the payment to (either from the Invoices tab or from the Schedule Request. To find the invoice from the Schedule Request, please scroll down to the bottom to see "User invoiced this request on x date". Click the Invoiced hyperlink to take you directly to the invoice. 

2. Click Add Payment 

3. Enter the payment amount, or click the checkbox for “Remaining balance amount”, and click Add Payment.

3. To apply additional payments, repeat steps 1 and 2. Once a request is paid in full it will be flagged as finalized and payments can no longer be added. 

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