Resources and Locations can either be areas within or outside a building, or a reservable item (e.g. laptops in a school). Each resource/location must be assigned to a Building. An administrator or user  with "create building & resource" access can add your organization's resource data.

To add resources and locations, please follow the steps below.

1. Select Resources & Locations in the left sidebar.

2. Click Add resource in the top right hand corner of the screen.


3. Enter the resource Name and Building. You will also want to indicate if the resource can be a Location which allows the resource to be selected as the location for equipment, inventory, planned maintenance, and work requests.


Schedule Request module only: If you will be using FMX for scheduling events, identify if the resource is schedulable, requires approval, quoting, and invoicing, and select whether you would like to disable conflict detection so that a resource may be scheduled for simultaneous events. 
Transportation Request module only: If you will be using FMX for transportation requests, indicate if the resource will be used as a pickup location.


4. If this is a sub-location, simply select the correct parent location.

*Resource Types are used for organizations that utilize the Schedule Request module. They allow for administrators to regulate what types of resources can be scheduled, as well as who will be able to schedule them. If this is something that you are interested in utilizing on your FMX site, please contact the FMX Customer Success Team at to learn more.

*If you have a long list of resources and locations to add, it would be more efficient to use the bulk import feature or reach out the the FMX Support team at for assistance.

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