See the new features released between April - June 2023, including NEW Reports, Secure Messaging, Improved Accessibility, and more.

Improved Reporting Dashboards 

Three new dashboards have been added to FMX Reports, the Downtime Summary, Invoices Summary, and Schedule Request Summary. These reports will show on the Reporting Dashboard if the corresponding features are enabled. You can learn more about these reports by clicking the links above.


Secure Messaging

Customers can now securely message FMX from within their FMX site. The message will send an email to the Customer Success team with an encrypted message for security.


Improved Accessibility 

Screen readers will now correctly read different menus, buttons, and links on the FMX calendar that were previously misread. Areas affected in this update include:

  • Forward and backward links
  • New request
  • Calendar header
  • Calendar select
  • Account settings
  • Log out
  • Settings
  • Search text field

Reduce Integration Errors

FMX has added the ability to prevent the deletion of request types, user types, users, and buildings used by an integration. Ensuring these areas are not deleted will prevent integrations from breaking due to accidental deletions in FMX.


Update Event Times

Users can now seamlessly update the date and time on Schedule Request occurrences without updating additional request details. This should improve user ease of use and make for faster updates to Schedule Requests.

Note: Users can still edit request details from the calendar and grid without opening a separate tab to edit.


Reinstate Deleted Custom Fields

Previously, deleted custom fields were unable to be reinstated without support help. Now, users can restore any deleted custom fields right within FMX.


How to reinstate deleted fields:

  1. Filter to Status > Deleted
  2. Navigate to the desired deleted custom field to reinstate
  3. Select the reinstate icon on the far right side of the grid
  4. Confirm you'd like to reinstate the deleted custom field 



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