Avigilon Integration 

Automatically lock and unlock school doors in accordance with your FMX calendar.


How it works?

A user will submit a schedule request and check a custom field named “Doors.”





The resources that are associated with their requests will be mapped to a corresponding list of doors in Avigilon. This mapping will be visible on the resource level and can be edited by users with the correct permissions.

Users will also see a non-editable custom field that displays the Avigilon control numbers that are associated with resources. This field is necessary for us to map the doors to their corresponding number in Avigilon



Requests will go through their normal workflow (approvals, etc.) until they reach a state of “finalized and upcoming”. FMX will send a command to lock the doors associated with the scheduled resources at the end time of the event.


Setup Steps

Once you have purchased the integration you will need to do the following:

  1. Credentials & Access to the Avigilon server
  2. VPN ( If server is locked to internal network access )
  3. Login credentials to Avigilon
  4. Avigilon server IP
  5. Enable FMX servers to be able to reach Avigilon API by allowing the following IP addresses(Your account manager or customer success manager will send you these) 
  6. Send over a test door

Once our team has the information then we can begin to set up the integration. 





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