In order to set up your Schedule Star Integration, the FMX team will need the following: 

  • The Schedule Star login credentials for an Admin level user
  • The event types you’d like to sync over to FMX
    • Sports
    • Practice
    • School
    • Personal
    • Other
  • List of Buildings and Facilities in Schedule Star to map to FMX 

At the bottom of this page, you will find a template that can be filled out with all the above information to send to your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager! 

Overview of Features: 

  1. The Schedule Star Integration allows you and your teams to have an integrated calendar between Schedule Star and FMX 
  2. This allows you to have an all-in-one calendar 
  3. You and your team would not have to double enter events in Schedule Star and FMX, this would automatically sync for you as events are entered into Schedule Star
  4. You can choose whether you want Home, Away and Practices events or any combination of the three options
  5. This would prevent any double booking of spaces
  6. The integration will automatically create any athletic events you wish to sync once set up 
  7. From there, it will update, cancel and/or delete requests as information is updated in Schedule Star
  8. This sync will be ongoing and any changes will appear in 10-15 minutes
  9. The integration can grab all historical information if desired. If not, it will pull from the current date onward
  10. Information syncs from Schedule Star into FMX, this is a one way integration


How it works in FMX:

1. A "Syncer" account will be used to create these requests in the Scheduling module in FMX: 

2. This "Syncer" user will also be updating and cancelling requests whenever information is changed in Schedule Star: 



3. Our team here at FMX will be setting up the sync for the integration, but we will need assistance from your internal success team to ensure we have the correct information regarding Buildings and Locations. These are called Buildings and Facilities. We need these to match exactly in FMX with what is in Schedule Star or we need to have them listed under a Custom Field in FMX to make sure they map properly. 



4. Once the sync is enabled, the FMX team will check with your team to make sure the sync is working as expected. 


Please reach out to your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager with any questions or interest! 


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