An application program interface (API) allows for two or more software systems to communicate with each other. FMX uses an API that conforms to the design principles of the REST, or representational state transfer architectural style. FMX's API can be utilized to build integrations between FMX and other third-party software systems. The FMX API supports the following HTTP methods, or verbs:

  • POST - used to create new resources
  • GET - used to read or retrieve a representation of a resource
  • PUT - used to update resources
  • DELETE - used to remove resources

Accessing the API

To access the FMX API, navigate to your FMX API reference page found at: https://<yourhostname>

Important note: If you don't have access to your FMX API reference page, it's because you haven't purchased this feature. Please reach out to your Account Manager for pricing information.


All requests must be authenticated through HTTP Basic authentication using the "Authorization" HTTP header. The value for this header is constructed by combining a user's email and password with a colon (e.g. ""). The resulting value is then Base64 encoded and appended to the string, "Basic " (e.g. "Basic ZW1haWxAZXhhbXBsZS5jb206MTIzNHBvaXU="). 

To set up a user in FMX for authentication with the API, please follow the steps below:

Navigate to Admin Settings > User Types and create an API user type. Assign all the permissions you'd like this user type to have.

2. Create an API user account and assign it the API user type you just created.  

Important note: It's strongly discouraged to use your personal FMX account credentials for automated access to the API. This is because your password and user permissions may change at any time and this could break your automation without warning. Also, secure password storage is difficult and you will increase the exposure of your password if it's stored unencrypted in a config file, code file, or script on your end. Instead, we recommend creating an FMX user account, with a long and secure password, that's dedicated solely to API access.

Generating API requests

FMX's API contains endpoints for the following data sets:

  • Attachments
  • Buildings
  • Equipment
  • EquipmentLogs
  • EquipmentTypes
  • Inventory
  • InventoryTypes
  • PurchaseOrders
  • RequestTypes
  • Resources
  • ResourceTypes
  • ScheduleRequests
  • ScheduleRequestOccurrences
  • TransportationRequests
  • Users
  • UserTypes
  • WorkRequests
  • WorkTaskInstructionSets
  • WorkTasks
  • WorkTasksOccurrences

To obtain an API request, expand the endpoints, define the parameters of your request, and click the Try it out! button to generate the request URL.

Example: Generating a GET API request for overdue maintenance requests



To learn more about FMX's REST API, please review the resources linked below, contact your Account Manager, or reach out to our Customer Support team at






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