FMX allows for integration with different software services so you only need to enter events into one site and still have them populate within FMX. By entering an event into one of the many compatible services, FMX can use that information to create a request within your site with no additional action needed.

Common Integrations

Below is a list of common integrations with FMX and the modules they can be associated with.

- Schedule Requests
- Transportation Requests

- Schedule Requests

- Schedule Requests

Schedule Star
- Schedule Requests

- Work Requests

- Schedule Requests


If you use a system that is not mentioned above and are interested in creating an integration with FMX, reach out to your FMX account manager to evaluate if we can build one from scratch for you.



Why are only some types of events coming over and not others?
When setting up some types of integrations, we are required to create a feed for each type of event and possibly the building associated with it as well, so it’s likely that we just haven’t set up a feed for the specific event type or building that you are wanting. Simply reach out to your Account Manager or our support team to see if we can add this additional feed for you.

Why did my integration stop working?
While the integration feed can be interrupted for a number of reasons, some of the most common involve a change to settings within FMX that are required for the feed to work. Certain custom fields, custom nav links, user types, and users are set up specifically for the integration to function properly, so any changes made to these can disrupt events coming over. Please consult our support team before making changes to any settings that look like they could be a part of your integration.

Why are some events coming over with the wrong Building/Location?
When setting up some integrations, we need to assign Buildings and Locations using a subsite custom field based on the naming in the integrated site. If the site/facility custom field is not filled out for the Building or Location in FMX, then it may not come over correctly. If you’re not seeing any Building or Location attached to a request in FMX, then it’s likely that the event doesn’t’ have any site or facility assigned to it in the integrated site.

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