Below is a downloadable checklist that includes all the necessary steps for setting up Automated Utility Tracking.


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Step 1: Connect Utility Providers

First, you will need to use the link provided by your account manager to connect each of the utility providers using your login credentials. If any utility providers are missing, let your account manager know, as connecting new providers with additional steps.

Provider Setup Guide

Step 2: Update Building Addresses

Next, you will want to ensure all your building addresses are updated in FMX, including the city, state, and zip code. This information helps collect weather data to calculate degree days and EUI metrics.

Step 3: Add Utility Meter Details

After we start collecting utility data (roughly 30 days after you've connected them), we will send you a spreadsheet with all your utility meters. These meters will then need to be matched to existing buildings in FMX so we can assign new bills to the proper location.

Meter Setup Guide

Step 4: Send Historical Data (Optional)

Integrating your utility providers will automatically collect the past 12 months of data. If more data is required, it will need to be sent to our team in CSV format.

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