By integrating FMX with iMonnit, you can create work orders automatically when your Monnit sensors reach a specified threshold.

How It Works

Creating Work Orders in FMX:

Whenever a rule in iMonnit is triggered, a new work order in FMX is created automatically.



Setup Instructions

Getting Started:

  1. Purchase desired sensors from Monnit
  2. Install the sensors
  3. Register your iMonnit account
  4. Create a new set of rules
  5. Add FMX as a Rule Webhook


Adding Sensor Triggers:

  1. Create a new rule in iMonnit
  2. During the "Tasks" step, in addition to any other email, text, or voice call alerts, select "Create System Action"Create_System_Action.png
  3. Under "Select Type of Action" select "Rule Webhook"Rule_Webhook_Task.png

NOTE: If "Rule Webhook" is not available, you will need to first enable it. Please reach out to your FMX account manager if you have questions.


Adding and Configuring New Sensors:

After adding a new sensor to iMonnit and it triggers its first work order in FMX, the sensor will be created in FMX automatically.

After the sensor has been created, you can configure the following fields:


  • Tag: This tag can be safely changed to be more recognizable
  • Equipment Type: You may change the equipment type, if desired, just as long as the "Request Type ID" and "Sensor ID" custom fields are still available for the selected equipment type
  • Building & Location: These two fields not only help better identify where this sensor is located, but will also be added to any new requests triggered by this sensor
  • Parent Equipment: You may add another equipment item here, and it will be added to new requests triggered by this sensor
  • Request Type ID: If you wish to specify a specific request type when this sensor triggers a new request, you may add the request type ID here. Request type ID's can be found in the URL when editing that request typeRequest_Type_ID.png
  • Sensor ID: This sensor ID is created by the integration and should NOT be edited. Doing so will cause the system to create duplicate equipment items

NOTE: You can use the "Sensor ID" field if adding a new sensor to FMX manually, before it has been created automatically by the system. After creating a new equipment item in FMX, be sure the "Sensor ID" custom field matches the sensor ID found in iMonnit. The sensor ID can be found in the URL when viewing the sensor. mceclip4.png

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