Below are the steps for setting up an integration between iMonnit and FMX using a webhook.

Step 1: Open the API settings on iMonnit

Step 2: Select "Rule Webhook" from the options provided


Step 3: Click "Create" & select "HTTP Webhook" from the dropdown list


Step 4: Paste the Base URL provided by your FMX Account Manager


NOTE: If you do not have a Base URL, please get in touch with your FMX Account Manager.

Step 5: Click "Save"


Adding the Webhook to Rules

After you have added the Base URL, you will need to add "webhook" as a task to each rule you would like to create work orders in FMX.

  1. Create a new rule in iMonnit or edit an existing rule
  2. During the "Tasks" step, in addition to any other email, text, or voice call alerts, select "Create System Action"Create_System_Action.png
  3. Under "Select Type of Action" select "Rule Webhook"Rule_Webhook_Task.png

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