Google Admin Console (GAC) allows IT teams to view all devices and users within their organization. By having this data with FMX, these IT teams can assign devices to users, create tickets on their behalf, and audit what they have available

How it works

1: FMX adds the following user data from GAC

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • User Type
  • Assigned Building(s)
  • Link to view User in GAC



2: FMX Adds the following Equipment data from GAC

  • Serial Number (Equipment Tag)
  • Model Name
  • Recent Users (5)
  • Link to view Device in GAC



3: FMX will automatically delete users with the following GAC status

  • Suspended
  • Archived


4: FMX will automatically Retire equipment with the following GAC Status

  • Deprovisioned
  • Disabled
  • Suspended

How to set it up

API Access

Complete the steps in this article here to give FMX API access for your GAC.


Setup Form

In order to set up your integration you will fill out the mapping spreadsheet provided by your FMX Account Manager or Customer Success Manager.  The spreadsheet will be populated with your FMX equipment types, buildings and user types in dropdowns in columns E, F and G. 


** Prior to receiving the setup sheet make sure your user types and equipment types are up to date


In order to map these with correct users OU or equipment OU these ID’s will need to be pulled from GAC. To do this you will need to use GAM.


GAM is an open source command line tool for printing or making changes to objects in the Google Admin console. If you do not have the Gam command installed, this link will help guide you through the installation.


Additional instructions for troubleshooting installation:

You will need to be signed into your GAC admin google account. It may have to be the only google account opened in your browser to work.

  • Once downloaded, extract the folder
  • Open the extracted folder and click on gam.exe
  • If command opens and shuts down right away, open your command prompt as administrator and do the following:

       Find and open the extracted gam folder in your file directory, and copy the file path up to the gam folder, for example:

               C:\Users\<your username>\Downloads\gam-6.58-windows-x86_64\gam

      In the command prompt, type cd and your gam file path, like so:

               cd C:\Users\<your username>\Downloads\gam-6.58-windows-x86_64\gam

      Hit enter and type on the next line: 


gam should start giving you instructions on how to complete the installation.


If you already have gam command installed or once your installation is completed:

In the command prompt CLI, type gam print orgs > orgs.csv

gam will return this message:

Getting all Organizational Units in Google Workspace account (may take some time on a large account)...

Once the file path reappears, check your gam folder in your file directory for a file called orgs.csv.


Open the file and copy column A, B, C, and D of the orgs.csv file and paste it to the GAC Setup form's columns A, B, C, and D.



Choose the appropriate FMX IDs for each org unit path:


For Devices: FMX Equipment Type ID, FMX Accessible Buildings


 For Users: FMX Accessible Buildings(only if the user type is set for accessible buildings. If they do not leave the building cell empty), FMX User Type ID, FMX User or Contact


        **If an org unit path requires more than one accessible building, right click on the current row to bring up the context menu and click “+ Insert 1 row below”. In the new row, leave all other fields blank and choose another building


**Remove OUs that you do not want mapped to FMX


Once completed send spreadsheet back to your FMX account manager or customer success manager






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