A new homepage for you to manage device assignments for staff and students.

How it works

  1. Click on the link to 1-1 Asset Manager and then select “Users and Contacts” or “Equipment”Picture1.png
  2. Select device or user
  3. Type or scan barcodePicture2.png
  4. From the equipment page you can assign a user, create a ticket, update information or go to the equipment log. You can also view who the device is assigned to and if there are open tickets for the device.


Assign/Unassign Equipment

  1. Type or Scan to select the equipment
  2. Find and select the user you would like to assign Picture4.png
  3. Click assign Picture5.png
  4. To unassign a user click the “X”



Assign/Unassign a User

  1. Type or Scan to select the user
  2. Type or scan and select the user you would like to assign to the equipment
  3. Click "add Equipment"Picture7.png
  4. To unassign equipment click the “X”


Create a ticket

  1. From a piece of equipment you can select “Create a ticket”Picture8.png
  2. This will take you to a prefilled ticket with the building, and equipment filled out. Screenshot_1.png
  3. Fill in the rest of the information and submit

Barcode Field

1. Go to "Admin Settings" and select "custom fields". Then "Add custom field"


2. Name the field "Barcode ID". Select "Text" in the "Type" section. Then select "Equipment items" in the "For" section. Then select "Save".


3. Once this field is created. Fill in your barcode number on your equipment. This will appear in parenthesizes in the equipment name on your equipment. When you scan your barcode this will pull up the equipment item or user(if separate barcode field is added). 

4. Repeat the same steps for adding a barcode field for your Users.  



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