1. Log into your FMX account

2. Navigate to your Calendar screen and you will find a dropdown menu with options of "Day", "Week", "Month", "Resource" and "Agenda". Click "Agenda"


3. Once you are in the Agenda view, you will see that your calendar view has changed its appearance a bit:

4. Within this view, you can filter your tasks in many ways by clicking the Filter icon:

5. Once you have applied the necessary filters and you are ready to print your agenda, use your mouse to right click anywhere on your Agenda screen. When you do this, a small window will open giving you a few options, including to print:

6. Click “Print”, and a new window will open prompting you to make any necessary changes to your quantity, your printer, etc.

7. Once you are ready, click “Print” and your Agenda will be waiting for you on your printer!

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