Inventory logs are used to help track inventory when it is requested and fulfilled in your site's requests. It also tracks:

  • who used the inventory
  • the quantity fulfilled
  • the total inventory cost
  • and any added custom fields

If you would like to log a change on a piece of inventory that was not associated with a request, you can do so by clicking the "Logs" navigation link within the inventory item's details page or by clicking the Logs icon from the inventory module's grid view. 

Here is an example of the logs of a piece of inventory, it the logs recorded on it:

When adding a log to a piece of inventory, you will notice an "Adjustment" field which accepts both positive and negative values. Here, we can submit the change in inventory and describe the log. 


By clicking the "Save" button, FMX will apply your inventory log to your site and reduce or increase the number of units of inventory. 

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