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December 2017 FMX Updates


Custom navigation link

Need a link to another site conveniently on your FMX site? Custom navigation links can be configured to your homepage where the other website will be just a click away!

Who can view the custom navigation links

User type permissions have been added for accessible custom navigation links, only giving read access to those who have permission. This can be set at the user type level.

Changing your default page

Want your work request gridview to be the first thing you see when you log onto your FMX site? You can now make this happen by changing your default landing page. This can be set up by user type!

Refer a friend

Want to share your love for FMX? Easily refer a friend to FMX from your homepage by clicking ‘Refer a Friend.’ This will take you to all the details on how you could get your FMX subscription for free!

Help to NOT lose your work!

Accidentally click out of your window and lose your work? FMX will now prompt you to choose if you would like to ‘Leave’ or ‘Stay’ on the page you were working in, making sure you have the opportunity to save your request.


Switching users/contacts

You can now easily switch a user to a contact, or vice versa!

Users Passwords

As an administrator, you can now set the password when adding a new user, reset a user’s password, and require a user to change their password on the next login.

Work Requests

Responding to a finalized request

Ever want to respond to a request after it is finalized? You now have the ability to do so, without reopening the request.

Adding cost in Response field

You can now track additional costs as needed in the work request response field! These costs will then be totaled when resolving the request.”

Undelete a work request

Have you ever accidentally deleted a request?! Users with read and create access, now have to option to undelete requests when needed!

Filter for deleted work requests

You now have the ability to filter for deleted work requests!

View total cost in the grid view

You can now see all total cost execution details in the grid view, and excel and CSV export for Maintenance and Planned Maintenance requests.

Planned Maintenance

Cost field

You can now track additional costs as needed in the planned maintenance response field!

Adding followers

You can now add other users as followers when creating or editing planned maintenance task to opt them into receiving notifications and/or permit them read access to those tasks and their occurrences!


Following Planned Maintenance Tasks

You can now follow planned maintenance tasks to receive notifications of those tasks and occurrences.

Schedule Requests


You are now able to see how many times an event occurs in the request details.

Event names are hidden

When a user submits a schedule request that conflicts with an event they cannot view, the conflict validation message will no longer share the event name.

Transportation Request

Finalization notification

A user now can have the option to be notified when a transportation request has been finalized.

Custom fields

You are now able to add custom fields to the Transportation assignment field and the Transportation Response field!

Removing an Assigned user

When unassigning a user from a request, the state of the request will now return to "pending assignment".



You can now track downtime of your equipment. Downtime can be started from work requests and planned maintenance tasks! Statistics for downtime will be available in the grid, log grid, read view, and work request grid. If you would like this feature to be turned on, please contact or your CSM for more information.

Log worker hours

Individual worker hours can be conveniently tracked on an equipment log.


Autofill location

The “Building” and “Location” fields will automatically be filled out when creating a new request from a piece of equipment that has an associated location.

Associated Inventory

Associated inventory will appear first in the drop-down list for ‘Inventory used' when you select an equipment item that has associated inventory.


Custom fields

You are now able to add custom fields to the inventory log grid view and CSV export.

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