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November 2017 FMX Updates

Custom fields

Custom fields for instruction sets can now be associated to more than one instruction set.

Calendar filters

Have you ever wanted to filter by resource type? Now you can!

Purchase order filters

You can now create a purchase order from the calendar view.

Resource filters

Added additional filtering options for resources and locations.

Scheduling conflicting events

Have you ever needed to schedule conflicting events, but were unable to? You can now set specific user types to schedule conflicting events.

Removing users from the suppression list

A user can now be removed from the email suppression list with the click of the ‘Resend confirmation’ button. This will send an email for them to confirm, and then they will be able to receive email notifications.

Customize inventory logs

To make your inventory logs more specific to fit your site needs, you can now add custom fields for inventory logs.

Planned maintenance permissions

The ability to execute planned maintenance tasks and assign planned maintenance tasks, are now separate permissions.

Planned maintenance locations

You can now assign locations to your planned maintenance tasks.

Waive transportation approval process

FMX now has the ability to waive the approval process for certain user types for transportation requests.

Adding followers to transportation requests

FMX allows users to add other users as followers of requests so they can receive notifications and/or permit them read access for those requests.

Notifications for transportation requests

You can now be notified with a Transportation request is canceled or deleted!

Notifications for work requests

You can now be notified with a work request is deleted!

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