Single sign-on

FMX now has the ability to support SAML 2.0 protocol for single sign-on!

Embed work request form

You now embed your work request form as an iFrame on your public website or internal intranet. Contact FMX support with the URL of the webpage (internal or external) where you would like the form embedded and we will provide you with the embed code.

Hide the “Request” field on the work request form

If you are currently using a standard request name for your work request modules, the “Request” field will now be hidden from users to simplify the process for submitting new requests.

Added concise work ticket print view for task and occurrences

Have you ever wanted to print a more concise Planned Maintenance tasks? We have now added a simple print view called the work request ticket for tasks and occurrences. You can find this view when clicking on a task in the grid view or you can export all tasks for a given time period from the export view.

Edit Cost and Worker Hours field for Planned Maintenance

The cost and worker hours fields can now be hidden, optional, or required in your general settings for the planned maintenance module.

Select columns on grid for Buildings, Users, and Planned Maintenance

You are now able to select which columns are viewed on the grid for Buildings, Users, and Planned Maintenance! You can do this by navigating to the “settings” button at the top right-hand corner of the Modules page you are able to select which ways you would like to organize your grid view by columns.


FMX has now added reservation time to the daily schedule request summary.

New schedule request cancellation email

We have updated single occurrence cancellation and deletion email verbiage. See updated verbiage below!

Hello <First Name>
An occurrence of <Request Name> request for use of <Resources> on <Date> was canceled. You can view full details of the occurrence by navigating to:

<Request URL>


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