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How can I embed a calendar as an iFrame?

Do you want your Community Members to stay up to date with current events on your FMX calendar?

This is how an FMX Administrator can embed the FMX Public Access Calendar to your Organization's site!

1. Navigate to the "Users Types" within your Organization Settings.

2. Select the "Public Access" or "Anonymous" User Type.

3. Scroll down to "Schedule Request Access" and Check the "Read (approved & accepted)" box. This will allow the "Public Access" or "Anonymous" calendar to only see events on the calendar that are approved and accepted.

4. Log out of your personal FMX site and log in with only your to access the "Public Acess" or "Anonymous" Calendar. You should see the User Type name to the left-hand side under the logo.

* This is a very important step and will ensure that you do not embed any internal or private events to your public access calendar!

5. Locate the Wrench icon in the top right-hand corner of the Calendar and select "</> Embed as <iframe>".

6. A box will then appear with an Embed code that you can send to whoever updates your organization's website.

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