Follow these directions to print QR codes using the P-touch editor:

1. Download QR codes from FMX, choose the “Raw Data” option.

2. Perform a find and replace in Excel to remove the QR code formatting in the BarcodeURL.

a. Press CTRL + F in Excel and enter:

i.  Find what: /barcode?width=128&height=128&ecl=L

ii. Replace with: <leave blank>

3. Within the P-touch editor, select "Connect Database" and choose the excel file.

4. Select the BarcodeURL column, right click and choose the "Merge into layout" option. Choose "Bar Code" for the Merge Type and BarcodeURL for the fields that can be merged.

5. Repeat the step for the other fields that you would like to appear on the bar code.

6. Scan the QR to verify that you are taken to the equipment page within FMX before printing.

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