Color Code the Calendar by the Assigned User

You can now color code your calendar by the assigned users! Contact your Customer Success Manager to see how we can set this up for you. Take a look at this article from our Learning Center for more information on how to set this up in your site!

Added line item support to estimates and invoices

You can now add information in the line items on the estimate and invoicing forms!

Added Billing Address Field

You can now customize your billing address for the Estimating and Invoicing forms! To set this up head to your Organization Settings and scroll down to the Schedule Request Settings in the “General” tab.

Created Invoice and Estimate Forms

We now have invoice and estimate forms built out specifically for these stages of the schedule requests!

Email and Print Estimate and Invoice Forms

You can now easily email and print out the estimate and invoice forms by selecting the Actions button either on the grid view or when you are clicked into a request!

Added Filter Options for the Equipment Grid View

We can now filter the Equipment grid by buildings, locations, custom fields, and multiple equipment types!

Added Filter Options for the Inventory Grid View

We've recently released the ability to filter the Inventory grid view by building, location, custom fields, assigned user, and supplier!

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