Duplicate Request Detection allows Admins and Supervisors to see if there are already multiple requests that are the same or similar to a particular work order. This will allow for better management of requests in FMX and more efficient teams!

How It Works:

  1. When a work request is being submitted, it will detect if there are other potential duplicates in that module based on the Request Type, Request Name and Building field*: 
  2. Once a request has been created, Admin level users will be able to see any other potential duplicates in a banner across the top of the request page: mceclip0.pngThis will allow for you to click on any of the potential duplicates that are linked in the banner to see the details and if they are the same request and choose which ones to delete
  3. You can click on the X in the corner of the banner to dismiss it, and then it will not appear again for that request: mceclip1.png

* Please note that this may vary between different users due to their read access permissions for requests. E.g. if the user is only set to Own in their User Type settings, they will not be able to see any other tickets other than any they have submitted. 

Setup Instructions: 

How to Enable: 

  1. Go into "Admin Settings"
  2. Scroll to the Work Request Module you'd like to enable this feature for (e.g. "Maintenance Requests, Key Requests, Technology, etc.")
  3. Click the "Duplicate Request Detection" checkbox to enable this feature
  4. Scroll down and click "Save"

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