This guide is intended to help Technicians use the interactive mapping feature and also allow other users access to the feature. This document will be broken down into sections based on the different sections of IM (interactive mapping) there are.


Adding Maps in the Building Module

Once everyone who needs access to the Interactive Mapping and Mapping Admin has been set up, we can then focus on adding the maps/floor plans to the buildings. Navigate to the buildings module and find the building you want to add the map or floor plan to (if you do not have access to the buildings module please skip these instructions). From there, on the right side of the page, click the edit icon. 


Next, scroll down to the custom field named ‘Floorplans’. This is an attachment field and where the maps need to be added. 


There are a few items to note for this section:

  • Files need to be in an image format (.png or .jpeg)
  • Files should be no larger than 1500x1200 pixels. Here is a link on how to resize an image.
  • If you need to remove a map, simply delete the file from the custom field.

Overview of Interactive Mapping

In this section we will go over how to use the Interactive Mapping (IM) tool. This can be accessed by finding the Interactive Mapping Feature on the left sidebar.


Once there, a few different Filters will be there: Change Building, Change Floor, Find Equipment, Filter Equipment by Type, and Filter Active Equipment.


Change Building

If you do not have a default building and map set up, then this filter will be blank when opening Interactive Mapping. If it is blank, you can click on ‘Select option’ to access a drop-down list of your buildings with maps. From there, click on the building you want to view the map for.


Change Floor

Similar to Changing Building, Change Floor is where you will select the floor plan you wish to view. This drop-down list will change with the building you select first.

Adding Equipment Items

There are two different actions you can make for placing equipment items on the map; Place and Create. To access this, right click on the page.

Place Equipment Item (Access may need granted by an Admin)

This is for placing items on the map that are already in your FMX site in the Equipment feature. The option you will be presented with will be a search bar ‘Equipment Item Name’, a drop-down list of Equipment Types, and a list of equipment items that are ready to be placed on the map.


Once here, you can either select the radio icon of the equipment you want to add to the map or you can filter by searching a portion of the name to find that item. You are also able to filter by type here to make the list of items smaller. Only one item can be added to the map at once. When you have the item that you want added selected, scroll to the bottom and then click ‘Ok’.


Create Equipment Item (Access may need granted by an Admin)

To create a new item that does not already exist in FMX, right click on the page and select ‘Create Equipment Item’. From there, it will ask for what the name of the item needs to be and the equipment type. Once those 2 fields are selected, click ‘Ok’ at the bottom.


Moving Icons (Access may need granted by an Admin)

To move an icon that is already on the map, simply drag and drop it by clicking and holding the left mouse button, then dragging it to where you would like it’s new position to be.


Opening the Equipment Item

To open the equipment item and take you to the details of that item, left-click on the equipment icon you would like to view. From there, it will take you to the equipment item details page in the Equipment feature.


Find Equipment Filter

This filtering option allows you to search for items that are already on your map. You can search by name and that item will populate on the list if it is already on the map.


Filter Equipment by Type

This filtering option allows you to filter out different equipment types on the map. For example, if you only want to view AHU equipment items, you would select that equipment type from the drop-down list. Multiple selections can be made at one time.


Filter Active Equipment

This filtering option allows you to filter by if an equipment item has an overdue work order or if the work order is due today. If it is set to unfiltered (by default) it will show all equipment items on the map. If it is set to filtered, only items that have an overdue work order or if the work order is due today will appear.


Key Item to Note

If a map needs to be deleted and replaced with an updated floor plan, let us know first. What can happen is if you have equipment items on the old map and then delete that map, they will not show up on the new map. There is a custom field named ‘Floor Plan ID’ that will need to be updated to the new map. If you only have a few items on the map, or many, they can be re-added to the new map by re-plotting them on the new map. If you do not want to do this, let us know and we can update the IDs on the equipment item and they will show up in the exact location they were originally. Please reach out to if this needs done.

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